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VPN Tech

With us you do not need a monthly subscription to the DIA service and request the Static IP. Only you can link more than one branch with the lowest capabilities and the latest technology, and you can also link the branches with 4G technology The company provides the latest products for voice communication applications (VOIP) based on an integrated central network that provides all business requirements while providing added values for the service such as telephones, licenses and interactive applications with the operating system and linking all the company's branches to enable them to make local and international calls with high quality and low cost.

IP Phone tech

IP Phone phones use Voice over IP technology, which allows phone calls to be made by IP-based networks such as the Internet instead of the original PSTN - Public switched telephone network (used in landline networks). Communications are transmitted over the Internet or through internal IP networks such as those within organizations and phones use protocols such as the Session Initiation Protocol and Skinny Client Control Protocol or one of the various special protocols such as that used by the Skype program. The iPhone may be a simple program that focuses on the calculator and provides the possibility of voice communication, or it is in the form of specialized devices that are very similar to the usual landlines. IP phones provide you with features that are not found in regular analogue phones (landlines), such as an identifier with e-mail-like nature, which is easier than keeping names or numbers.

Network services

The various network systems solutions that we offer help allow safe communication and communication anytime, anywhere in the company and across the Internet and this can be achieved by combining basic networking functions including routing, switching and security, improving WAN and internet services, and the technologies used manage Network and solutions provided by Abdul Latif Information Technology to create a smart and integrated network that keeps pace with current and future business needs Such as: installing different network operating systems and supplying all servers and computers. Installing and operating network and user monitoring systems. Network planning and management.

Server services

Gulf Data currently provides the best plans for servers to all its customers, whether they are dedicated servers or VPS. Gulf Data Company also provides a complete management of servers to secure them 100% so as not to be exposed to the penetration or the loss of data registered with them or on the sites linked to those servers. Servers to be at full speed so that they do not adversely affect your sites in the search engines, on top of them the Google search engine, and you can also request full control of the server.

Information Security

Information security at the present time is very important for all companies to protect and conduct its business. Studies have shown that leaders of information security teams seek to enhance the level of their companies ’security and reduce the number of security breaches by taking several measures, including cooperating with the Information Security Department and raising the level of security awareness in Those companies.

IT Solutions

The continuous and continuous developments in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) and IT software solutions have helped to drive globalization and continue the restless business. The development of software solutions aimed at improving businesses involves many different skills. Perhaps the most important of them is the enthusiasm of the individual and his ability to keep pace with the rapid changes.

Technical Consulting

We offer you technical advice realistically away from the theoretical complexity that does not serve, we do many tasks and concrete steps that guarantee the customer to achieve the desired goal at the lowest cost and time possible. Through an integrated set of solutions, whether IT consulting or network consulting and emergency consultations that may arise at any time, and with providing many services covering many important aspects depending on the nature of the company's work.

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